Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Dream For Mets Fans?

My friend Evan over at MLB Facts and Rumors has an interesting article about how Martin Luther King III, son of the legendary civil rights leader, is getting a group together in an attempt to buy majority control of the New York Mets. King claims to have $1 billion in assets in his group.

Apparently, King is getting together with former Mets player Ed Kranepool, Donn Clendenon Jr., the son of the former Mets first baseman, and a group of other investors to try to get more than 50% control of the team. Fred Wilpon made news the past few days in saying he is exploring bringing in minority ownership to the Mets (that is, around 25% of the team). Wilpon has said he wants his family to continue to control the team and has no interest in giving up control or selling the club outright.

Here's more about King and the group he's putting together from the New York Post.

I'm sure the average Mets fan would like to see the back of the Wilpons for good, as they have embarrassed the fans for far too long. A new ownership group could be the tonic the teams needs. For years I have said the Mets need a clean slate at the top, the way the Red Sox got a new one at the end of 2001. We all know how that turned out.

But I'm sure Freddie and Co. wouldn't give up the Mets unless they had to. But you never know how this lawsuit over the Madoff Ponzi scheme will turn out. It maybe a cloud with a silver lining for beleaguered Mets fans.

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