Thursday, October 01, 2009

I Took My Shot. I'm Glad I Did. Now Turn The Page.

Well, it didn't go well today.

It was a long, nerve-racking day, and to make a long story short, I came home empty-handed tonight from "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire."

I missed the fifth question, and now it's all over. I'm really bummed over it, as I really wanted to do well. You only get one appearance on the show, and that was mine.

It wasn't a total loss. Meredith Vieira is a sweetheart, and she introduced me as being from Brooklyn, but I liked a "certain baseball team." I said the Red Sox and got a mixed reception, as there were some Red Sox fans on hand. She also said I was New York's Lt. Governor of Red Sox Nation, which was nice. I also told her about my position as a background actor and that was fun.

Being in the Hot Seat was beyond tense. You hear the ticking of the clock, which I have never liked that they have added on. (I much preferred the days when you could take your time answering all questions.) I spent hours and hours in the green room before I was called just after 5 PM and that was pretty tense as well.

I left the stage in a daze that I didn't get past question five. But I have to say I am proud that I appeared on the show and that I was picked for it. The show's staff could not be any nicer and really looked after the contestants.

No excuses. I took my shot and missed. I'm sure in the future I'll feel better about it, but now I'm just sorry I couldn't win any money. I want to thank all of you who supported me and offered me so much encouragement. It means a lot to me. And I thank all those folks at "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" for all their professionalism and courtesy.

Now it's time for me to let the show go, and put it in the rear view mirror for the forseeable future, and concentrate on the Red Sox as they head into October baseball.

Oh well. I guess it wasn't meant to be, and I'm better suited to be a Trivia host and not a Trivia contestant.


SoSock said...

Wow. That's really cool. I can only imagine how hard it must be in that position. My experience is on a miniscule plane compared to that one.
Our local morning-radio-talk-duo-funny-guys do a call-in contest every morning pitting the caller against Chris, one of the hosts, in a rock & roll trivia bout. 10 questions, caller first while he's out of earshot, then he gets the same 10. He's undefeated this year. He's about the same age I am, we've met and talked numerous times, and I feel like I'm close to as good as he is. When listening in the van or on the job I always get 6-8 right. He usually gets 7-9, so it's close. The few times I've gotten through to play on the air though - terrible. The clock is ticking, I panic if I don't know one and I'm shot for the rest of the game.
And that's on a lousy local radio show. I can't imagine being on a national TV show.
Congrats and good for you that you went for it.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks SoSock, and thanks for sharing your experience. It's a whole different world when everyone's watching you and your not on your couch at home!

Matt said...

John, I think most people don't realize the role luck plays in both getting on, and doing well on these shows. You're still one up on those of us who've tried, and failed, to get into that seat.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks Matt. Getting there was the biggest thing, I guess. As time goes on, I think that will grow in stature after the pain of yesterday subsides. See you Tuesday.

Unknown said...

Hey you did great just getting there! At least you got to the 5th question....I can imagine how you must have felt but I could never do it....I have the worst stage fright ever! We're all proud of you regardless :)

the wayward o said...

Cool about being on the show.

I take it the police didn't torture you afterward?

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks Lori. It was quite an unnerving feeling being in that seat, as my mind was racing in 10 different directions as soon as a question popped up. I guess does take nerves of steel to go all the way.

Thanks Pete. No, the cops didn't torture me afterwards, but I've been doing a pretty good job of doing it to myself since I left the show...