Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Traitor

As if Massarotti's column wasn't enough, read this from today's New York Times.

This guy, Joe Nocera, who claims to be a "card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation" since the 1950s and '60s, is actually "warming up to the Yankees" and even refers to them as "underdogs." (Nobody with the payroll they've got are "underdogs.") He seems to get all warm and fuzzy about George Steinbrenner now that he's "old and sick."

Oh, pass the vomit bag, please.

He concludes his betrayal with this:

The Phillies, to be sure, are very good; other, less biased observers have also predicted that they’ll win the series. During that first game, the Yankees were thoroughly outclassed by the star pitcher, Cliff Lee. Around the seventh inning, fans started murmuring to each other: “If we have to face this guy three times, we’ve got a problem.” And that’s when I knew I was rooting for the Yankees.

They were finally the underdog. Isn’t that who Red Sox fans always root for?

No, buddy. Red Sox fans may root for an underdog, but NEVER anyone wearing pinstripes. Your warped mind may think they are an "underdog," but try passing that palaver off on any Sox fan who has ever had "1918" or any of that "curse" crap yelled at them in the past.


Jere said...

Dude, I saw this and just did a post about it, then immediately came here to see if you did.

After reading that crap, I have such a horrible feeling inside. I mean, if the ass had really been a Sox fan his whole life, you'd think at the very least he'd know that what the rest of us don't need to hear with the Yanks having just gone up 2-1 is...well...exactly what he wrote. What a jackass.

And it kills me that his move to New York caused this. Like, if the guy moves to Afghanistan, is he gonna start to "warm up " to the Taliban and start thinking of them as some underdog who you'd have to have a heart of stone not to root for?

The Omnipotent Q said...

The guy doesn't impress me as being a serious Red Sox fan. Any Sox fan who'd write this kind of crap with a straight face could only be doing this for publicity.

The Omnipotent Q said...

And I liked the analogy on your blog with that idiotic woman who supposedly was "divorcing" the Yankees because they were causing her such heartache. Knuckleheads.