Monday, October 12, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

Huston Street (which as everyone in New York knows, should be pronounced "How-ston" Street) had a big time meltdown in the ninth inning tonight, as the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies came from two runs down to win the NLDS over the Colorado Rockies, 5-4, and will now play the LA Dodgers for the NL pennant.

The Rockies were one out from Game 5, with Street needing one out to get the win with a 4-2 lead. There was a man on when he walked Chase Utley, and then Ryan Howard doubled two in to tie it, and then Jayson Werth singled him in to get the Phillies the lead.

And even Brad Lidge couldn't blow it in the bottom of the ninth, striking out Troy Tulowitzki to get the Phillies to the NLCS.

Yep, let's see: one out from the win, two run lead, home team fighting to survive in the series. Opposition scores three runs, home fans boo, closer removed from the game, home team doesn't score in the bottom of the ninth.

Where have I seen this before? I'll think of it.


Riccardo Troiani said...

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The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks Riccardo. You certainly are proficient on Facebook!!

Rick said...

Yes before we get too down on Papelbon we must consider that he still has had fewer postseason letdowns than the other members of the big 4 (Nathan, Rivera, and KRod). Having said that he needs to locate better