Saturday, October 31, 2009

What in the Name of God Makes Someone Do This?

I was horrified tonight, as well as totally pissed off, when I heard that the 9/11 Memorial Chapel was broken into this morning, and a fire broke out, and the FDNY later determined that it was a case of arson. Here is more on the story.

The chapel is located at the Chief Medical Examiner's office on E. 30th Street, where many of the unidentified remains of the 9/11 victims are stored. Thankfully, none of those remains were damaged in the blaze.

But many of the mementos and candles left by the families of the victims were either stolen or set on fire. The chapel is a beautiful place of reflection for those 9/11 families, especially the ones who have never had any trace of their loved ones properly identified.

Police arrested Brian Schroeder for the crime after he turned himself in. I can only hope they throw the book at this piece of shit for doing such a reprehensible thing. Some people just have no conscience or scruples. The 9/11 families have been through countless heartaches over the past eight years, and it's inexusable things like this that just add to their misery.

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