Sunday, October 25, 2009

BS Ref Call Ends Vikings Winning Streak

As soon as I saw it happen, I knew it would cost the Vikings dearly.

Brett Favre threw a touchdown pass to Sidney Rice with more than 6 minutes to play to put the Vikings up on the Steelers, 16-13, only it didn't count, as one of the referees threw a flag on tight end Jeff Dugan, claiming he had tripped James Harrison as Favre threw the pass. The replays, showed that it was the wrong call, and the Fox announcers agreed as well.

And sure enough, on the next play, Favre was stripped of the ball and it was returned for a Pittsburgh touchdown, and instead of 17-13 Vikings, it was 20-10 Steelers, and it sent the game in a whole new direction.

Granted, you can't play football in a vacuum, but it may very well have cost the Vikings their seventh straight win, as Pittsburgh went on to a 27-17 victory. It was a tough game all day, as it was 10-7 Pittsburgh at the half.

Percy Harvin then returned the next kickoff 89 yards for a TD to make it 20-16. (Did anyone else notice on the kickoff that Dugan collided with one of the refs and the injured man had to leave the field? Revenge perhaps?)

But the Vikings comeback came to crashing end with a minute to play, as Favre attempted a pass to Chester Taylor and it went through his hands (he should have caught it) and was returned for a TD to ice Pittsburgh's win.

This was a hard loss to take, but the Vikings showed that they can play with the so-called "glamour" teams of the NFL, and it's one they really could have (as well as should have) won. One big knock on the Vikings was that they made way too many penalties (10, and one that shouldn't have been called), and that has to be addressed.

They have a big game next week, as the rematch with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau next Sunday awaits.


Bill Brown said...

It is very disappointing that the outcome of such an entertaining game was very much influenced by a "phantom penalty". There were a lot of penalties called against the vikings on that drive. Almost all negated a big play for the Vikings. It doesn't seem like a coincidence.

That said, the Vikings still had their chance at the end and we've got to finish when we get that chance.

Time to move on. We beat the Packers next and the playoffs are in sight.

Rick said...

Terrible call - much less sympathetic towards referee when they call something that did not happen as to missing something that did happen. Inexecusable

The Omnipotent Q said...

I feel the same way, Bill. I know the Vikings won't go undefeated, and Pittsburgh was their toughest opponent so far. I hate to see games when plays like that end up making a difference. The Vikings had too many penalties today for sure, and that cost them also. I'll turn the page tomorrow and worry about Green Bay then...

D.Christian said...

Dan Patrick said he asked Tony Dungy about those refs and he said something along the lines of "that crew can make you nervous" or something like that. that penalty led to a 14pt swing which is huge, but the vikes outplayed the steelers most of the game so it's all good...but then again the steelers offense was off the field most of the game and they very well could have brought it had they had the chance.

Unknown said...

It was a bad call, Dugan blocked Harrison but cutting out his legs. However, the reason why the call was made was because Dugan did not perform the block properly. Dugan whipped his legs in the air, the referee saw this and made the call for tripping. I am sorry but leg whipping is illegal, and that was why the call was made.

While the announcers thought the call was bad, other commentators, on ESPN and NFL Network, (Boomer, Tony Eason, Deion Sanders, and Tom Jackson) all agreed that the call was made because of the leg whip which made it the right call.