Monday, December 07, 2009

Clausen, Tate Heading For The NFL

It wasn't a big surprise that with Charlie Weis getting canned as Notre Dame head coach that two of his loyalest players have both decided to forego their senior seasons at the school. Unfortunately it's two of the Irish's best: Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate.

Both are coming off superb years and it wouldn't surprise me if both are first round picks in the NFL Draft this April. They will both be difficult to replace, no matter who the next coach will be.

And on that subject, Notre Dame officials are expected to talk with both Brian Kelly of Cincinnati and possibly Jim Harbaugh of Stanford about their vacant head coaching job this week.


Rick said...

Yes as I have posted before - one is left with a lot of frustration with the Weis era has you just feel that they were close.

Patriots fans are clamoring for Weis return as their playcalling has lacked imagination this year. Weis rep as a play caller is untarnished by his time at ND as generally the play calling was good and the offense performed well.

Toby G. for Heisman :)

The Omnipotent Q said...

Sounds like Harbaugh won't be coming to ND, if you listen to Stanford officials. I bet Weis returns to the Patriots...

My bet would be Colt McCoy wins the Heisman, but Gerhart would be a nice upset.