Thursday, December 03, 2009

Scutaro Signs With The Sox?

A Spanish-language newspaper in Venezuela is reporting tonight that the Red Sox have signed Marco Scutaro, with terms not disclosed. You take these reports with a grain of salt, as I have not found this reported anywhere else yet. The Red Sox did request Scutaro's medical records today, so there definitely is some serious interest by Theo Epstein and the deal may indeed be on the horizon. Here is a link to the article (and it's in Spanish).

Here is a rough translation of the article, courtesy of Google Translation:

The infielder Marco Scutaro signed with the Boston Red Sox after the team was requested medical examinations

CARACAS. - Clarifying the rumors. Marco Scutaro joined the roster of the Boston Red Sox, said sources close to the player.

Are unknown terms of the contract.

During the afternoon the major leaguers told a regional newspaper that the team asked for his medical record to expedite the recruitment process.

Scutaro, at age 34, comes from a great year with the Toronto Blue Jays. He batted .282, scored 100 runs, belted 12 homers and had a base percentage of .379.

Thanks to my friend Rhonda for bringing this to my attention.

The Red Sox also lost another reliever to the Braves today, as Atlanta signed Takashi Saito to a one-year deal, right after they signed Billy Wagner to a one-year deal with an option to be the team's closer.

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Rick said...

I miss the Pedroia era at Shortstop :) -Scutaro a nice pickup. I agree with a reader comment when they say they the SS position has been a problem since Nomar left - not true - Cabrera did well and I believe the team did ok with him at SS if recall correctly :)