Saturday, December 26, 2009

And It's Been Two Years Since The Sox Won It All

I've seen a column or two over the last few days about how "The Curse of the Bambino is turning 90." Apparently, the 90th anniversary of the sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees is coming up in early January.

First off, this "curse" bullshit never existed. It was all media-created nonsense to taunt the Red Sox and their fans, and to sell books. (And how come NOBODY talked about curses and jinxes before the Curly Haired Bastard wrote that infamous book in 1990?)

Want to read a really good take on why the Red Sox had to sell Ruth to the Yankees, and why he couldn't have been dealt anywhere else? Read "Red Sox Century" by Richard Johnson and Glenn Stout (pictured), which in my opinion is the best Red Sox history book I've ever read. It's a better use of your time.

And even if this silly nonsense did really exist, it all came to an end on October 27, 2004. So frankly, who cares about this upcoming "anniversary?" (Actually, the trade didn't take effect until January 5, 1920, after Ruth was found in California and notified of it, after the clubs agreed to the deal on December 26, 1919.)

Sorry for all the colorful language, but this is a subject that always gets me going. The "taunting" doesn't work any more, guys, which I know breaks CHB's heart.


Peter N said...

John, I read that same piece and wrote a short post about it. In my opinion, the article was more about the 90th anniversary of a HUGE Red Sox mistake rather than a stupid curse. At least that's how it hit me.

I hope you are having a great Christmas weekend...Peter

Peter N said...

Hey Q, I only mentioned the "C" word in passing in my post. I was interested in a historic anniversary, not a mythical curse. Thanks.

Jere said...

I saw the mlb article about the Ruth sale anniversary. And I'm thinking, wait a minute, I don't even remember anyone marking that anniversary DURING the drought! Talk about bringing up something that's irrelevant--this thing was never relevant in the first place!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Excellent point, Jere. I never, ever remember anyone marking the sale of Ruth to the Yankees (it actually didn't officially happen until January 5th of 1920) until now. These idiotic articles seem to imply that on the day of ths sale: "Ruth's gone and the Curse is on!" Makes me despise people who actually get paid to write about sports. "Red Sox Century" goes into great detail about why Ruth had to go to New York, and why the move was applauded by most people in Boston.

Hope you and Peter are enjoying the holidays!