Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Guess The Money Was Better In Queens Than Beirut

Reports surfaced today that the Mets are about to sign Jason Bay to a contract, and that it will be announced by the team next week, after he takes a physical.

It looked for all the world that Bay didn't want to play at Citi Field, and Peter Gammons mentioned this on WEEI recently:

Any chance Jason Bay ends up back with the Red Sox as opposed to in Queens?
Gammo's response:
I think he’d rather be playing in Beirut than Queens.

It's a move that makes sense for the Mets, as well as Bay. Sounded like no one was going to give him a five-year deal (the one with the Mets is rumored to be for four years at $66 million) he was seeking, and the Mets desperately needed a good corner outfield bat. I put no stock into those rumors about him coming back to Boston after the Sox signed Mike Cameron.

How much will Bay miss Fenway, while hitting in the airport known as Citi Field? We'll find out.


Tex said...


I'm really trying hard to ignore Hot Stove this year. too much going on in personal life to stress. Move on Bay...no more Who's on First but Who's Out Left? or Right? I need a list of current players and pics cos i don't know who the Red Sox are unless they have the jersey on.

and that's not all bad

Steel36 said...

The irony is that Bay made only 6 million more than The Red Sox offered during the season (4 years/60 million)

Citi Field is better suited to slap hitters and speed guys. Granted The Mets lineup was a MASH unit but look at what happened to David Wright's numbers!!

Omar did not do anything. Jason Bay saw his suitors disappear until only The Mets remained.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Bay also got an option for a fifth season that would bring the deal to about $80 million. Red Sox did not want to commit to that, especially with the whispers about his shoulder.

Hope things are going better for you, Tex. Red Sox have been going for more pitching and defense, and I bet they aren't done yet.

Michael Leggett said...

Besides, The Mets are making this deal so they can get renewals on Season Tickets:

This'll be the last one hears of them until Jeffy orders Omar to Walk The Plank.

Suldog said...

Well, there he is, Q. Good pick up for the Mets. He'll be a solid 32 - 103 - .280, something around there. Not a bad glove, either. Citi won't hurt him too much. Something like 20 of his homers last year were on the road, not Fenway.