Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to Amateur Night

Well, we've reached the final day of this year, as well as decade. So naturally it's time for some people to act like complete morons, get totally wasted and welcome in a New Year.

It's Amateur Night tonight, and I religiously stay away from that nonsense. I think in my whole life I have been away from home at the stroke of midnight on New Year's on just three or four occasions.

Many years ago, I decided to stay in every year at this time. I rather be home watching "The Twilight Zone" on the Sci-Fi Channel, "The Honeymooners" marathon on WPIX (it's a shame WGN isn't doing that again this year, as it was fun to go back and forth between stations last year as they were both going on), college football bowl games, and whatever other marathons were running on the tube. (WGN will have a "Barney Miller" marathon during the day on Friday. That was always a cool show.)

I'd be together with a few family members and friends, and have a toast at midnight, and then I do my "running up and down the street like a crazy man" routine to welcome in the New Year. Don't know exactly how many years I've been doing it; I think it's around 25 now. And I'll do it tonight again as well.

Traditions live with me.

Everyone will focus on Times Square tonight, as hundreds of thousands of folks will be out in the snow and cold to watch the ball drop and usher in 2010. I've never been there live and in person for it. I watch it every year on TV. (I used to watch Dick Clark do it every year, but once he had his stroke and makes that sad cameo appearance every year, I've been avoiding it. And don't get me started on Ryan Seacrest!) I've always said it, and I'll say it again. Only three types of people go to Times Square on New Year's Eve: tourists, cops and pickpockets.

So I'll be home in Brooklyn to usher in 2010. I want to wish everyone who stops by The Mighty Quinn Media Machine a very happy 2010. May the new decade be one of peace and happiness for you.


Rick said...

I loved Dick Clark's Rockin eve as a kid. Don't forget once regular seasn NFL ends we are staring baseball right in the face :)

Happy New Year

Michael Leggett said...

It'll be quiet for me. A Party at my Moose Lodge & then home.

I may take in Mass tonight, as tomorrow is a Holy Day of Obligation, though The Mass Schedule is considerably Lighter than at Christmas;

Enjoy a quiet one!

Michael Leggett said...

No REAL New Yorker EVER goes near Times Square!

The Omnipotent Q said...

I'm counting the days, Rick...

Let me wish you both, Rick and Michael, all the best for 2010.