Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lowell Trade Is Officially Off

The Mike Lowell trade to Texas for catcher Max Ramirez is officially off, as Lowell failed a physical with the Rangers, as has been determined that he needs surgery on his injured thumb.

Lowell will have the surgery after Christmas, and will need 6-8 weeks to recover, according to Extra Bases tonight.

So that means the Red Sox will have Lowell in Spring Training, and he will have to prove he's healthy once again. The Sox could keep him on third, use him as a DH/3B, or deal him in March when he proves he's healthy.

And the curious part about all of this is: was Lowell hiding the injury, or was Theo aware of it and was trying to deal damaged goods? No matter, it's off, and the $3 million the Sox was trying to save won't happen.

You have to wonder how much of a monkey wrench has been thrown into Theo Epstein's plans with this news. We'll soon find out.

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