Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sounds Like Bay's Moving On

Looks like the Jason Bay Era in Boston maybe concluding, as he turned down a four-year, $60 million offer from the Red Sox, it was reported by Fox Sports on Saturday night.

I remember the Red Sox made the exact same offer to Bay in mid-November just before Bay became eligible to talk to other clubs. If it's true it sounds like the Sox won't get into a bidding war for his services, and nor should they, as Bay isn't worth more than that.

The Mets have supposedly offered him a four-year deal at $65 million, and supposedly he and his agent have had been serious talks with both Seattle and the LA Angels. Bay lives in Seattle in the offseason, and I would bet he may end up there.

You have to bet that Dr. Evil (aka Scott Boras) is happy to hear all this, as that means the Red Sox will pursue Matt Holliday full blast now.

And oh yes, this was my 2,500th post since I began this site in March 2006. Wish it could have been on something a little more happier...


Todd said...

Congrats on your 2500th post! I really enjoy your Sox articles.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks so much, Todd. Hope you're doing well and enjoy the holidays!

Steel36 said...

Theo is a smart guy and gets a good deal of slack because winning two titles will do that. Free Agency seems like Liars Poker with house money. There seems a rational side that others, like The Yankees. don't display.

Team Jason Bay realize this is his best chance to get a huge score so we may not see Tex Money but it will be "wow-inducing"

Theo sees the numbers and figures that may be he goes after Holliday or someone else. The question will always be how much of Holliday's shine was due to Coors Field?

If possible, I say move Youk to Third and get a 1B. Adrian Gonzalez is floated-unless the demands are too much. How is Lars Anderson looking?

Beltre is way overrated. He had his best season in 2004 that got him a huge deal in Seattle. Afterwards, solid but average.

Safeco Field is a pitchers park where a Chone Figgins can slap and run but Boppers lose homers. Bay would lose power there.

If I am Seattle, go after a pitcher. Lackey is good but fragile-tho. Upside is that you improve yourself and take a chunk out of a division rival.

This merry go round is far from done. But alas, all the junior "GM-ing" is fun.

Rick said...

Congrats on 2,500th post. The first 2,500 posts are the hardest. Truck day is getting closer :)