Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What If?

I watched the Red Sox game last night on NESN, the 3-0 loss to Tampa Bay and Scott Kazmir. (He was just dominating, allowing just two hits. Just the sound of his name must make most Mets fans whince.) We were just inundated with this commercial for this "special" coming up later this month on the network called "What If." (They also showed the commercial for the upcoming Oliver Stone film, "World Trade Center" as well. I wasn't terribly happy about that either.)

It was on at least 10 times last night. And every time I saw it I thought to myself, "Why is NESN doing this?" It is one of those "let's replay a bad moment in Red Sox history and see how it comes out different." This one is a replay of Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, and I am guessing that in this "do over" Grady Little takes Pedro Martinez out either before the eighth inning begins, or when Pedro first ran into trouble (instead of leaving him in). And I would guess that the game ending will be totally different.

I have no interest in watching a TV show that's only purpose is to show that things would have been different if such-and-such a move had not been made. Of course things would have turned out different if Mike Timlin had started the eighth instead of Pedro. Would the Sox have won the pennant? I, of course, can't tell you that, and no one can. Who's to say that Timlin wouldn't have had a bad outing and the Yankees would have tied or even won against him?

And WHY is NESN doing this, to torture Red Sox fans? I thought we lost all that baggage on the ball Keith Foulke stabbed on October 27, 2004. As far as I am concerned, 2003 is as much in the past as any other Red Sox season. They didn't win the title that year. MOVE ON. I don't need some computer or whatever telling me that if Grady Little had done that eighth inning differently, the Red Sox would have gone to the World Series.

Sorry guys, I won't be watching. And I guess we'll have to endure these commercials until July 20.


Michael Leggett said...

Ahhh, but in Nostalgia, there is money:

The same can be said for misery, revisionist history & flatulence.

Michael Leggett said...

It adds to the Idiocy.

MattySox said...

I'm still waiting for YES to do the same thing with Game 6 of '04, except this time, A-Rod punches Arroyo in the face, kicks the ball under the tarp and runs all the way around the bases while the umpires are blinded by sand in the eyes thrown by a jumping out of the stands Steinbrenner dressed up to look like Mr. Fuji, the old wrestling manager. Oh YES they would...

The Omnipotent Q said...

Matty, you are the first person to mention Mr. Fuji, one of my old favorite wrestlers, on my blog.


Michael Leggett said...

I can see this on YES:

A-Jerk does all this;
Buck recites his litany of "I'm astonished that Mr Fuji would throw sand blinding the 6 Umpires";
Mc Carver; "I am your co-astonisher";

While Joe Morgan calls the play "Creatively Aggresive";

& we're all left barfing.

MattySox said...

Buck: "Tim, this is almost as bad as when Randy Moss, I can't even say it on a family broadcast, but when he was 'rude' in Green Bay, this is almost as bad as that. I'm sure the Red Sox will take up their case with Bob Watson and Bud Selig, and I'm sure 'Yankee' Bob will do nothing about it."

McCarver: "Which is just as it should be, Joe, because it's time that Major League Baseball should give the Yankees a fair shake. Allowing Boston fans to chant 'MVP' everytime David Ortiz steps up to bat, I mean, it's like the commissioner's office has just given up. I don't think people really understand how valuable A-Rod is to these Yankees. At some point, people will have to realize that he's maybe the most underrated player in the game."

Al Leiter: "I totally agree, Tim. I'm just glad to be here. This is great, isn't it?"

Michael Leggett said...

Buck: "One looks @ A-Rod & one can see how he generates reactions from these loyal fans @ Yankee Stadium; David Ortiz would NEVER generate this kind of passion";

"Fans" Chanting "Gay-Rod" & "Jeter's Boyfriend" suggests this game is at Fenway Park or Shea Stadium, which means that Buck & Mc Carver are mailing in this game;

Tim: "Well, A-Rod has such soft hands @ 3rd Base & he gets more reactions than anybody in the game, today; he does a great job selling Pepsi to The Masses; Let's see David Ortiz do that; A-Rod was so key in the '04 NL Playoffs; Just ask Theo Francona";

Leiter: "Isn't this fun?"

Research supplied to FOX Sports by Lifelong Yankees Fan, Mutube Zimbava.