Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I can't think of a better adjective to describe the Red Sox performance in the first three games in this Tampa Bay series than that. The Sox seem like they are sleepwalking through this week. Granted, no one could touch Scott Kazmir on Monday night, but Tuesday the home run balls were flying again for the Devil Rays, and on Wednesday, well, Jason Johnson started again for the Red Sox.

Let's hope we've seen the last of him. That is, in a Red Sox uniform.

It seemed like EVERYTHING the Devil Rays hit against Johnson, even the outs and foul balls, were rockets. It was a score that could have and should have been worse. Carl Crawford's steal of home was inexcusable, as Johnson never looked at Crawford while he was standing at third base. The Red Sox took a flyer on Johnson and it didn't work. Admit your mistake, DFA him and move on. Perhaps give Kyle Snyder another shot.

The Yankees bounced back from the huge loss on Tuesday to beat the Indians and cut the Sox lead to three games. It was a weird night in Tampa in that when the Sox fell behind, 5-2 in the fourth, it seemed like they were finished for the night. And in TAMPA! When was the last time you could say that? Granted the D-Rays are no pushover anymore, and they got quality starts from Casey Fossum and Tim Corcoran. (Who?)

It seemed like the Red Sox were mailing it in, and that they were waiting for the All-Star break to come. They still have an important three game series with the White Sox (who just happen to be the defending champions) in Chicago before the three-day vacation begins.

We better see a quality effort in the Tampa finale, otherwise, second place could be beckoning.


WelshSoxFan said...

that steal of home was frustrating especially because you could see it coming ... but it was still pretty impressive.

The FSN Florida guys were annoying the HELL out of me though. All they could talk about all game was how Crawford was an All-Star whether he was on the team or not. I mean 3 hours of discussing him not making the team is just annoying (and for the record guys, if you don't make the All-Star team, you are NOT an All-Star, however good you may be).

Michael Leggett said...

This often happens after a great streak:

I hope that no one panics, but that may happen, as we are human;

Also, my take on the Epstein-Lucchino-Shaughnessy & a comparison with an episode in NY almost 30 Years ago.

Michael Leggett said...

D'wayne Staats:

Formerly MSG Yankees;

'Nuff Said!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Interesting that in the Crawford-not-making-the-All-Star-team discussion, NO ONE has mentioned the implications of Magglio Ordonez replacing Manny on the team. Ordonez and Ozzie Guillen are mortal enemies, and that should make a fascinating scenario if Ordonez goes to Pittsburgh.