Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One Doug Returns, Another Goes Deep

I was really interested to see the reaction of the Fenway fans to return of Doug Mientkiewicz to Fenway Park for the first time last night since that whole ball controversy started in early 2005. It was mostly polite applause, but there were a few boos in his first at-bat in the first inning.

That whole mess over the final-out ball of the 2004 World Series was simply beyond stupid. Dan Shaughnessy (how unusual he being in the middle of controversy) wrote an article in which Doug made a flippant comment about the ball funding his kids' college fund. The average Red Sox fan simply didn't (and still doesn't) care about who had possession of the ball. It seemed like a made-up mess that CHB was probably proud of himself for starting.

Cooler heads finally prevailed and the ball is at the Hall of Fame. Hey, if Doug wanted to keep it for himself, that would be fine. It wouldn't change a damned thing in my life if he still had it.

Doug still harbors bitter feelings toward just one person throughout this whole thing: Larry Lucchino. He's just going to have to get over that. Lots of people are bitter towards Lucchino, and he's just another in a long line of people who'd like a piece of him. Let it go, Doug.

However, Dougie went deep last night. No, not that Doug. Mr. Mirabelli. He connected for a three-run shot to tie the game against Kansas City in the seventh last night, and a Manny Ramirez sac fly won it in the eighth. For six innings last night, the Sox looked lethargic, like it was a late September game and they were 20 games out. It's one thing to lose to Oakland, but to Kansas City?

Tim Wakefield left the game after four innings after his back problems flared up again. (A visit to the DL is a possibility.) The bullpen was superb last night. The win kept the Red Sox in first, as those guys from the Bronx won again, despite Alex Rodriguez' three errors.

Did you see the photo of A-Rod posing in the sun bare-chested in Central Park yesterday in today's New York Post? Made me wonder if the Post just happened to find him there, or did he invite them along for the photo op?

He'll do anything to try and improve his image, I guess.

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Michael Leggett said...

"Pepsi Mc Bluelips" had the NY Post & Daily News, with him:

Next Stop is "Playgirl" Magazine for him;

& Women don't really read it.