Saturday, July 29, 2006

Now The Clock Is Really Ticking

This morning, my friend Peter from Connecticut debuted a new feature on his blog, namely a digital clock. I thought it looked so cool, so I decided to put one on my blog as well. If you look at the bottom of my links section just below the site meter, you will see a green clock with the hour, minutes and seconds on it. It came from a web site called It's free to put on your own site. (I tried to put it higher up on the links side of my blog, but I had a lot of trouble doing it, so it will remain where it is for now.)

My thanks to Peter from Connecticut for letting us now about the site. I picked green, as Peter took red. I can't imagine why he selected that color....


Michael Leggett said...

I may just add a clock to my site:

This may catch on;

& may The Yankees NEVER catch up.

Michael Leggett said...

My clock is added just a little below your link.

Peter N said...

Gee, I was stumped too. But I actually first saw one of their clocks on a Yankee blog. Yes! Beth's Yankee blog. And I did as you did, I clicked on it, looked at the selection of analog or digitals, picked a color, put it into the template, republished while hoping wherever the clock would show up would be OK.....and then it showed up great! Enjoy..I love free things. And the time. And wins like yesterday, although all the theatrics could have been avoided if Craig and Mike did then job. But we would have missed so much!

Peter N said...

And ML too. Great!!!!! I'll check it out now!

Michael Leggett said...

The Clock is ticking:

Gotta get to Mass;

Then to watch the SOX;

& Glavine & Co @ The Ted.