Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Ring

I had a terrific July 4th holiday. Despite the Red Sox loss at Tampa Bay, I enjoyed the day with my friends. I spent the evening with friends in the East Village, at the home of my friend WelshSoxFan. He had a nice BBQ going, although the spicy sausage left its mark after I ate it!

After the sun went down, we all went up to his rooftop to check on the fireworks that we going off on the river by 34th Street. The view of the city, north and south, was tremendous. I saw dozens of people on other roofs checking out the fireworks as well.It was really cool despite the overcast (at least it didn't rain). There must have been about 200 people on the roof, and everyone was having a great time.

Afterwards, we returned to the BBQ, and later on we were joined by one of my friends from Boston, and he had something special to show us. It was an actual 2004 World Series ring, like the one shown above. His sister had worked for the Red Sox and he was taking care of the ring.

It was a thing of beauty. Red rubies in the form of a "B" in the middle, with "The Greatest Comeback In History" on the side. It was a small ring so I could only fit it on my pinky. I was totally in awe. One of my friends got a picture of me wearing it, so when I get it from her I will post it here on my blog.

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