Thursday, July 20, 2006

Don't You Love This?

In yesterday's Yankees-Mariners game, the Yankees scored the tying run in the seventh when Alex Rodriguez scored on a double by Andy Phillips. Phillips tried to go to third as Mariners catcher Rene Rivera. But the third base umpire sent Phillips back to second when he said that time had been called at the plate. There were no outs at the time, and the Yankees eventually left Phillips on the bases, and lost the game, 3-2, the next inning on a Raul Ibanez sacrifice fly.

And of course, the Yankees were screaming bloody murder after the game that they were robbed. Alex Rodriguez said this: "That was the most ridiculous call I've ever seen," Rodriguez said of the time-out. "That's a brutal call, terrible. It changed the whole scenario, all the momentum." (Right A-Rod. The Yankees momentum was totally lost because Phillips was on second and not third with nobody out. Don't bother mentioning your teammates who left couldn't get a clutch hit the rest of the inning.)

So where was A-Rod on Tuesday night, when ump Mike Reilly practically handed the Yankees a half-assed victory on a totally blown call? (Probably out looking for another nice place to sun his bare chest I imagine.)

The universe has a funny way of evening things out sometimes.


Michael Leggett said...


"The Coppertone Dork!"

Julie said...

haha i just gotta shake my head and laugh. yanks making up excuses for why they don't come through? classic.