Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pick An Adjective

Putrid. Revolting. Embarrassing. Disgusting. Horrific.

Pick the adjective of your choice to describe the Red Sox play on Friday night. The final score was 15-3, but the game felt like it was lost when it was 4-0. The only good thing about it was that I didn't waste my time going into Manhattan to watch this debacle.

It was the worst display of baseball I've seen the Red Sox make all year. It reminded me of the brutal 15-2 loss in Cleveland and the 13-4 hammering they took in the Bronx earlier this year. Do you know what all three dismal affairs have in common?

Josh Beckett started all three games.

He's been an unqualified disappointment. Forget his eleven wins. The Sox have bailed him out on a few occasions when he's given up four or more runs and gotten wins. This is clearly not the pitcher they thought they were getting. He surrendered yet another home run (number 27) to Mark Ellis of all people, and it was just his fourth of the season.

Beckett's got to get his ass into high gear and give the bullpen a rest when he starts. The innings the bullpen has gone lately will take it's toll, that's for sure. I don't know if Beckett's hiding an injury or just hasn't adjusted to pitching in the AL. If he continues like this, the Red Sox have no shot whatsoever to win a championship.

The rest of this game? Another night of leaving runners everywhere and blowing scoring opportunities. Maybe an ass-kicking and a thoroughly embarrassing defeat at home is what this team needed to wake them out of the lethargy they are in.

Now they really need a big time start out of Curt Schilling on Saturday night.

And score some damn runs when there are men on base.


Michael Leggett said...

There was also an evening where Mr Schilling was drubbed, by the likes of some guy, who practices "Needlepoint & Click"(HGHiamBALCO) & "the Pepsi Delivery Man", who I suspect wasn't using Estrogen that evening:

Mr Beckett, @ times, makes me yearn for some pitcher on the Reds, named Brandon, I mean Branson, oops, Brendan, yes Bronson Arroyo;

& Mr David Wallace cannot return soon enough, for my money!

Peter N said...

I agree about DW. So effective, how much so we don't really know. And your assesment of last night, Q, was spot-on.

KAYLEE said...

Well a shutout is a good outing.
Nice outings by little manny and Hansen.