Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trivia Night Will Be On Monday Next Week

The NBA announced the schedules for the first round playoff series between the Celtics and Knicks on Wednesday night, and Game 2 of that series will take place next Tuesday night.

So that now means that our Trivia Night will take place on Monday night, April 18th at 9 PM. I will be posting the Sneak Peek question and special categories for Monday's Trivia on Sunday.

And if there is a Game 5 in the series, it will take place on Tuesday night, April 26th. So barring one or the other team pulling off a sweep, Trivia Night will also take place the following Monday as well, on April 25th at 9 PM.

This coming Monday, there will also be a Game 3 of the Boston Bruins NHL playoff series with the Montreal Canadiens beginning at 7:30 PM, but I don't anticipate a huge crowd, and we should start on time that night.

I do apologize for moving Trivia Night, but if you remember last year when we tried to have Trivia Night on a Tuesday night Celtics playoff game, it was nearly impossible.

So we will play this week by week, and hopefully we will be back on Tuesday nights in May.


Peter N said...

Who are you rooting for, JQ? Ha ha. I know.

I could regale you with stories about the Celtics in the 1980's...Larry, Kevin and the Chief, Danny and the late but still missed DJ Johnson (I still can't believe he's gone), but you know all about 'em.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Not much a basketball fan, Peter. But this should really put more life into the Celtics-Knocks rivalry, barring a sweep.