Saturday, April 30, 2011


This Saturday night was the first softball game in my Saturday night league, and I missed everything but the bottom of the ninth inning of the Red Sox-Mariners game.

Am I glad I did. Sounds like John Lackey didn't pitch badly, but no one bothered to support him. Seems like every time I checked my cell during the game, the Sox threatened, only to get zilch. (The Sox are also now 0-14 when trailing after 8 innings. Ugh.)

0-for-11 with runners in scoring position. Bases loaded, no outs in the fifth and they get nothing. (BTW, the title of this post is what the Red Sox are currently batting with runners in scoring position. Worst in the AL. Pathetic.)

Against the Seattle Mariners, who they just dropped a series to at home.

And Felix Hernandez pitches for Seattle on Sunday. Tim Wakefield will replace Clay Buchholz tomorrow, as he has what is termed "internal distress."

I'll find something else to do tomorrow.

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