Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It Hasn't Killed Us, So We Must Be Stronger

In the immortal words of one Archie Bunker, "Patience is a virgin."

And my patience is being sorely tested right now.

0-5. Dropping series to lowly also-rans like the Cleveland Indians at ANY time of year is galling, but doing it when your win column still says zero really makes me want to puke.

File this under "Keeping the Troops' Morale Up":

With the poor Sox hitting lately, my friend Adam pointed this out to me today. The 2003 Red Sox, the best offensive Red Sox team in our lifetime, was shut out 5 times, held to 1 run 12 times, and were held to 2 runs 12 times, and still managed to score 961 runs. They also made some lousy pitchers such as Brett Myers, Doug Davis, John Thomson, Rodrigo Lopez, and Victor Zambrano look like Cy Young. They also lost 5 straight in one stretch; 4 straight in another, and had more than one 3-game losing streak and still managed 95 wins. And missed the World Series by just one stupid managerial decision.

We got a long road to haul guys. Hell, we can still go 157-5.

But stay away from bridges and sharp objects for the time being.


Ruben (Red Sox Nation - Alberta) said...

Well said. A 5 game losing streak now is no different than in July. In fact probably easier to overcome it now than later.

Rick said...

yes - I believe this pain is helping me train for Boston Marathon - hard to pick most alarming thing but so far Beckett's average looking stuff has to rank up there

The Omnipotent Q said...

Too many alarming things right now, Rick: .190 team average, .175 RISP, 8.32 team ERA. I thought Lackey was the worst last week. Good luck with the marathon, BTW...

I guess every team has a 5-game losing streak, Ruben. The Sox are getting it out the way to begin things...