Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring Training's Over, Guys

0-4. First time since 1996. (I'm seeing that awful year more and more lately with regard to the Red Sox. That has to stop.)

It's one thing to lose a series to a team flying the "2010 American League Champions" banner. It's another to lose to the Immortal Josh Tomlin, and the Cleveland Indians, who won't be flying a championship banner over Jacobs Field (I still call it that) after this season.

Next to nobody witnessed last night's win, 3-1, by the Tribe. (It sure reminded me of the bad old days during the Mistake By The Lake years.) I'm glad my Trivia Night kept me away from watching most of it. Josh Beckett wasn't awful, but he wasn't great either, going five innings, throwing 108 pitches on a cold night.

Four bloody hits as well. I'll take the optimistic route and say that someone shortly will get the wrath of the Red Sox lineup.

And hopefully quite soon.

Like starting tonight, maybe?

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