Sunday, April 03, 2011

We've Been In 0-3 Holes Before

I'll do my best to forget this lost weekend in Texas.

Before I do:

9 home runs allowed by Red Sox starters (4 by Clay Buchholz in Sunday's 5-1 loss), 11 homers by the staff, almost no clutch hitting, Jonathan Papelbon up to his old tricks in the 8th, allowing a run and loading the bases with no outs before striking out the side.

Take nothing away from the Texas Rangers. They outscored the Sox, 26-11, and outplayed them in all facets of the game all weekend and lived up to their defending American League Champions title.

We've been in 0-3 holes before as you know. (Last time in the regular season: 1996. Postseason: 2004.)

Hopefully the Red Sox show up in Cleveland against the Indians on Tuesday night.

They sure as hell didn't in Arlington this past weekend.

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Steel36 said...

My goodness, the way some fans are reacting, you'd swear that they are are spoiled Yankee fans.

How many more games to go? Now take a deep breath and come off the ledge.