Saturday, April 02, 2011

Stealing The Red Sox Money

No, I'm not talking about Ben Affleck and his cohorts did in "The Town."

Tonight's start by John Lackey: 3 2/3 innings, nine earned runs. Can't describe Lackey's Red Sox career so far any better than the title of this post.

0-2. And another crappy start to begin 2011. (I'm not worried about Jon Lester. April is never his month. He'll be fine.)

I'd really like to know what Terry Francona was thinking making this stiff the number two starter. I don't mean to second-guess Tito (actually I am), but isn't Clay Buchholz higher on the depth chart right now than Lackey?

The Red Sox are stuck with Lackey for this year and three more seasons, through 2014. (He's bringing back bad memories of Matt Clement.)

And Lackey's next start: the home opener against New York next Friday.


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