Sunday, April 17, 2011

First Winning Streak of 2011

Two straight for the Red Sox: 8-1.

Jon Lester gave another excellent performance, going six innings, allowing Toronto just one run. Was it me or did Lester looked pissed off the entire game? He looked angry at some home plate umpire's calls he thought should have been strikes. But here I will defend the home plate ump, Doug Eddings, as most of those close calls did look like balls.

Jacoby Ellsbury blasted a three-run shot in the second that looked like a homer the moment it left the bat. And I could hear my friend Adam, who isn't an Ellsbury fan and thinks he swings too much for the fences, in my mind being miffed about the round tripper. It was Jacoby's third HR of 2011. But it put the Sox ahead to stay.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia drove in three runs, but Carl Crawford took the collar once again. The hits will come, Carl. Just relax.

The four-game series ends with the traditional morning game on Patriots Day on Monday, as the marathon goes through Boston. Dive-K gets the chance to right his own personal ship before the Red Sox go out west.

And I'll be at the MLB Fan Cave, at my old stomping grounds on Broadway and East 4th Street in Greenwich Village, on Monday afternoon. I'll have more on that on Tuesday morning.

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