Monday, July 05, 2010

Sox Can't Get Rid Of Dice-K Fast Enough To Suit Me

Once again, another awful performance from Daisuke Matsuzaka reinforces my belief that he should be on another team in 2011.

I pray the Red Sox go that route.

The offense gave him five runs on Monday night, and he gave it right back. That nibbling BS once again that drives Sox fans up the wall was back again. He pitches like he's actually afraid to pitch. 5+ innings, 8 hits, 5 runs, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts against Tampa Bay. Terry Francona left in him too long, and it cost them, as the Rays won, 6-5.

Eric Patterson his two home runs and the Sox got rid of Matt (The Human Spitting Machine) Garza after 3 innings. But the Evil Dice-K was in the building in St. Pete, and you could tell there would be trouble. He crossed up Kevin Cash and let a run in that shouldn't have scored.

The useless Ramon Ramirez allowed the sixth run in the 7th and got the loss. The Red Sox had a golden opportunity to break the tie in the top of that inning, as they had the bases loaded with one out, but both Adrian Beltre and J.D. Drew struck out.

With that loss, the Sox fall into third place.

The loss to Baltimore on Sunday I thought wasn't that big a deal. They took two of three and ran into a tough young pitcher who was dealing all day. That happens. Move on. But Monday night, losing a big lead against a rival in their building was just inexcusable.

When you've got a banged up offense that gives you five early runs it should be enough for the night. The pitching has to do its job and carry the club. More and more, Matsuzaka is just worthless. I REALLY hope the Red Sox put us out of our misery this winter and find a taker for him. Enough is enough.


Jere said...

We both used "inexcusable" in our posts, three minutes apart.

Heard Castiglione early in the game and he kept talking about how Garza is one of the more fidgety players. Kept describing what he does on the mound, and I'm goin' Come on, Joe, say he spits! But Joe would not bring up the spitting.

So no TZ marathon this 4th. Hopefully this doesn't mean the New Year's one is off, too. (Unless the July 4th one is on a different channel?)

Rick said...

Agreed - it is almost comical his pitch count problems in first inning. He must have a stubborn streak like nobody else. He needs to try something else.

Also it seems like he starts pitching well - gets hurt - comes back and the problems start all over again

Time to move on