Friday, July 09, 2010

He's No Facebook Friend Of Mine

I was on a friend's Facebook page yesterday, and she put up that she had voted Kevin Youkilis in the Final Man vote for the All-Star Game. (BTW, I am not bothered Youk isn't going. Let him rest his ankle for three days.) She's a big Red Sox fan. Some friend of hers, who is not a friend of mine, piped in about Youk, saying he was the most despised member of the Red Sox, and that his nickname is "Table For One."

I did some research to see if there was any validity in this, and I could find none. I answered the guy back, and told him that you must have Youk confused with Alex Rodriguez, and I could find no information about such a nickname.

The guy answered me back with some abuse, with words I won't put here. Yes, you guessed it, it was a jackass Yankee fan I was dealing with. (And really are there any other kinds? OK, there are.) At that point, I answered back with some colorful language of my own, but I later deleted it, as I didn't want to get into a pissing contest on my friend's Facebook page. (I've had people who I am friends with who don't know each other do that on my profile and dislike it very much.)

Anyway, you have to believe that if Kevin Youkilis was the most despised of all Red Sox, some scribe like Tony Massarotti or, of course, Dan Shaughnessy would jump all over that, and the word would get around. I'm not privy to the Red Sox clubhouse, of course, but I could find nothing on the Net about it. I remember the blowup Youk had with Manny Ramirez two years ago, but I haven't heard of any others with any other teammates.

But, with thanks to Joy of Sox, Youk had some pointed words for Jacoby Ellsbury yesterday.

Could Youk have some detractors among his Sox teammates? I'm sure he might (and I don't recall anyone going on the record on it).

So be careful who your Facebook friends are. You never know when they might be writing unsubstantiated nonsense about one of your favorite ballplayers.

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