Thursday, July 08, 2010

LeBron James Heads to Miami

Just wrote that title to get your attention. I'd be upset about this if I really cared.

Although this almost makes me want to become a Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

The Red Sox' injuries and lousy bullpen concern me about 10,000 times more.

One last thing about this pathetic circus. It reminds me slightly of Roger Clemens bolting for Toronto in 1996. James handled this even worse than the Texas Con Man did, with that asinine one-hour "special" from ESPN. But they both gave their former fans the middle finger in how they departed, stringing those fans along, and neiter had the dignity to at least thank and wish their fans well. TCM said he wanted to play closer to his family in Texas and signed with the Toronto Blue Jays. James went a step further and basically told the city of Cleveland to go screw yourselves on live national TV.

Both situations were unseemly, and have no respect for either man.


Steel36 said...

Just as I thought, Lebron has joined Art Modell in infamy

The Omnipotent Q said...

Art would the Key to the City of Cleveland compared to what James did last night.