Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another Night I'm Glad I Missed The Sox

I went to my second Brooklyn Cyclones game on Wednesday night, and it would be another night I would have to follow the Red Sox on my cell phone.

The news was lousy all night, as Tampa Bay got a split in the series, winning 9-4.

Daisuke Matsuzaka went six innings, allowing three runs. Sounds like a quality start, but it really wasn't, as he walked the bases loaded in the first, but escaped with no damage. He walked only one other batter while striking out seven.

It was 3-1 Tampa Bay in the 8th when Manny Delcarmen came in and got shelled for five runs. In his last three outings, he has faced 14 batters, getting just three outs, and allowing nine runs. And now, it sounds like he is having elbow problems again, and a DL trip for him sounds like a real possibility. (Remember, he had Tommy John surgery a few years back.) J.D. Drew also missed last night's game with a stiff neck. The injuries mount and mount...

New York lost to Seattle again (Felix Hernandez pitched a two-hit shutout), so the Red Sox lost no ground, and are still one game back. Tampa Bay is now one game behind the Red Sox.

You might be wondering why I have a picture of Burt Reynolds on this blog post. Well, back to the Cyclones. They played the Hudson Valley Renegades last night (the single A affiliate of the Rays) and they have an outfielder named Burt Reynolds. (His parents are either fans or have a great sense of humor.) Every time he came up (Burt actually tripled in two runs at one point) they would put a picture of the actor on the scoreboard with his name, number and position, with the odd cat call of "Bandit" from the crowd. I actually thought putting that picture up there was kind of cool.

The Cyclones won, 8-3, and are now 9-4 on the season. At least somebody beat the Rays last night.

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