Monday, August 03, 2009

WTC Run to Remember

This September 6th, I will be running in the inaugural "World Trade Center Run to Remember," a 5-kilometer run/walk that will benefit many 9/11 charities. (I will be running for The Voices of September 11th.) It will be held at Governor's Island on the Sunday before the eighth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

I will also be running in memory of my friend Joyce, who was one of the 3000 unfortunate victims of that horrible day nearly eight years ago.

If you'd like to sponsor me, that would be really special. I have a goal of $100, and if you'd like to help me out you can do so by clicking this link, and you can put down any amount you choose. (If you'd like to donate to me privately, you can send me an email about it at:

I really appreciate any and all help you can give me. It's always important that we never forget those beautiful souls we lost nearly eight years ago any way we can.


Tex said...

I can't begin to know the pain and agony of that day of the new yorkers who were there and were witness to it all as well who lost loved ones. I did, however, go to NYC after it. I had purchased and planned a trip that Nov with my cousin for my 1st trip to NY. We hesitated and discussed but finally determined to go...with a different plan. I had become a mentor for local girl/boy club and I used that venue to organize a collection of cards among other things to bring to a fire station. Picking the station was the difficult thing to do. Too much to write here...but I saw Ground Zero and visited a fire station bearing gifts of course.
I was forever changed at that moment.
Moment of silence for your friend...and miles and miles of hugs from Texas to NY!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Tex. It would take me all day and night to tell you how much the 9/11 attacks altered my life.

But some positive things actually came out of it for me. Wonderful people who I probably never would have met under better circumstances came into my life and I am grateful for that.

Thanks for remembering my friend and for the hugs. Very, very much appreciated.

Tex said...

Four months after, my lil sister's 11 yr son was killed in a snow skiing accident. I was already being catapulted into another paradigm of my life by what happened and my visit...his death put me over the edge and pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone.

I believe you have to want to find the good things in bad....or we just crumble into selfish bitter ingrates.

I hope to return to NYC at some point visit the memorial and to visit the fire station. Good luck with the endeavors.

The Omnipotent Q said...

My sympathies to you and your family, Tex, on losing someone so young in your family. I can't imagine how devastating that must be.

Thanks for all your good wishes. I am at the ceremonies at Ground Zero every year and the firehouse has a special memorial on the side of the building.