Sunday, August 02, 2009

Hypocrites Sound Off On Mitchell

You knew this was coming.

The hypocrite Yankee fans have come out of the woodwork, and in today's New York Post's "Sound Off" column (which at times can be a great source of comedy). Fans comment every Sunday on local sports, and today's column was titled, "Mitchell Report a Mockery."

Now since the news came out about Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz this week, the muttonheads have turned their venom on George Mitchell. They are convinced Mitchell covered up Red Sox players in his December 2007 report. One even says that the Sox were the only team not mentioned in the report. Wrong. (At least the Post had the good sense today to mention that 12 players with connections to the Sox were named in the report.)

They printed three letters that have basically called Mitchell a "crook" and "he should apologize" in light of this week's revelations.

Let's get one thing straight guys: George Mitchell never had access to the List of 104. And if he did, wouldn't reporters be knocking on his door day and night trying to get those names? The names were sealed by the federal courts, and Mitchell's investigators couldn't get at them. The fact Ramirez and Ortiz were outed this week had no bearing on Mitchell. And by the way, how come Alex Rodriguez, the first major player whose name was leaked from the 2003 survey, wasn't mentioned in the Mitchell Report? Because Mitchell had no evidence to put him in, like with Manny and Papi. Mitchell is known as a man of integrity, and wouldn't ruin a lifetime of excellent public service by covering for Red Sox and turning his report into a sham. (And you know if there were Red Sox players whose names were left out of the report on purpose, it would have come to light by now. You also know someone like Dan Shaughnessy would have jumped all over that.)

And the reason why there are so many Yankees in the Mitchell Report (as well as many Mets in it) is because Mitchell got lucky getting Brian McNamee and Kirk Radomski to come clean and cooperate, and they are both New York-based. (If he had gotten some LA-based dealer, you'd bet you would see more Dodgers and Angels in it, for example.)

And that last of the three letters. All I can say is: Oh brother.

This guy thinks that "we can put an asterisk next to the 2004 and 2007 Champions and that the Curse is back!"

Talk about hypocritical. So, are we also going to put them next to your beloved Yankees champions of 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000, too? Of course not. Asterisks are ludicrous. We are in an era where steroids polluted the sport, and affected every team, whether they were winners or not. I would suggest you read George Vecsey's New York Times piece on that subject (which I featured here yesterday).

Yep, the Curse is back! Boy these Yankees fans will do anything to get their beloved curse back. Yes, theirs, because their fans were the ones obsessed with idiotic stupidity like curses for years.

Fine pal, you've got it back. We live in America. Believe whatever you want to believe. Now go back to sleep.

Yankee fans. Always a high source of comedy.

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