Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy Dies at 77

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, America lost a true giant in the world of American politics on Tuesday. Senator Edward Moore Kennedy of Massachusetts passed away tonight at age 77 after a fifteen-month battle with brain cancer.

He was a complicated man and a controversial politician. I wasn't his biggest fan, but I always respected his passion for the causes he believed in. Here's more from Yahoo News.

Quick, true story. My cousin worked as an intern for Sen. Kennedy many years ago in Washington. He was briefed by his staff, and was told there are two things you never do with Ted: Don't ask him to go out for a drink, and don't introduce him to your girlfriend.

My cousin said they were absolutely serious when they said this.

Rest in peace, Mr. Kennedy.


Michael Leggett said...


On May 17th, 2008, I was at Fenway(Sox-Brewers)when news got around that Ted Kennedy had collapsed at a seafood restaurant;

As one who remembers where I was when Pres. Jack & Senator Bobby were assassinated in 1963 & 1968, Ted became the Face of The Kennedy Clan;

Lord Have Mercy!

Bruce Coltin said...

I think I fall into the same category. I don't think I ever voted for him, but he leaves some big empty shoes that are not like to be filled anytime soon. Howie Carr has lost one of his favorite targets.

The Omnipotent Q said...

It's a sad day the last of the Kennedy brothers in now gone. When he threw out the first ball at Fenway this past April, I thought that he wouldn't be around too much longer.