Saturday, August 08, 2009

"A Glove of Their Own"

I wanted to call to your attention a very worthy project that is gaining the attention of the literary world as well as the baseball world called "A Glove of Their Own." The book is the brainchild of Bob Salomon, who came up with it at a child's birthday party and his desire that all children should have access to baseball equipment and the chance to play America's game.

Mr. Salomon hooked up with three authors and an illustrator and the book was born. And it has taken off like a rocket on the Fourth of July. Groups like Fortune 500 companies, non-profit corporations and many baseball players have lent their support to Mr. Salomon's project. Among those groups who lent their support to it are The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger and Upper Deck.

The book was released in October 2008, is 32 pages long, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit three non-profit organizations: Pitch In For Baseball, Good Sports, and Sports Gift.

Many athletes have thrown their names and support behind "A Glove of Their Own" such as Joe Torre, Ken Griffey, Craig Biggio, Luis Tiant, Sean Casey and Dick Drago.

Mr. Salomon's goal with the book is to raise awareness as well as money, but the most important part of it is to "play it forward," like donating baseball equipment to those youths who are in desperate need of it.

Mr. Salomon has a web site for his book that you can check out by going here. He has done a wonderful job and has brought nationwide attention to the problem of children who don't have any access to baseball equipment. It's helping our great game grow with young people, and I hope you will check out his web site and throw your support to his special project.

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