Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wakefield Gets Back On Track

Tim Wakefield pitched eight spectacular innings last night at Fenway, allowing just four hits and one walk, and the Red Sox gave him just enough offense as they beat the Colorado Rockies, 2-1.

Last night's Wakefield win also proved just what a horse's ass Wallace Matthews is.

You may remember back in May this "writer" for Newsday did an incredible hatchet job in his newspaper on Wake, and basically compared him to baseball's on going steroid scandal in a rambling, incoherent and total mess of a column.

For those of you who didn't read it, here is my column about it:

I called him out as a gutless coward, and I believe I was proven correct. In that column, he gets so many facts wrong, and the column would have been funny if it wasn't such a slander against one of baseball's classiest and best citizens. (For example, he talks about the length of Wake's games. Did anyone else notice the speed of last night's game, and that it ended in under 2 1/2 hours?)

Nice game, Wake. Kiss my ass, Matthews.

It had been a run of lousy starts for Wake (although his last start in Oakland really wasn't bad at all), and I'd begun to wonder if sending him, and not Julian Tavarez, back to the pen when Jon Lester comes back, would be the right move. But he kept the Rockies hitters off balance all night, allowing just one run in the eighth inning. Jonathan Papelbon struck out two in a 1-2-3 ninth and looked incredibly sharp.

David Ortiz had three hits, Julio Lugo had a double and scored the first run in his first game batting ninth. (I was impressed by his "team-first" attitude in going down in the order. "As long as I'm not batting tenth," he said yesterday.) J.D. Drew had the game-winning sacrifice fly in the eighth, as he continues to awaken from his season-long slumber.

Curt Schilling goes for the Red Sox tonight. There should be a nice ovation waiting for him for efforts last Thursday when he takes the hill at Fenway.


Suldog said...

God, Q, Wake is such a class act, how can anybody hatchet him like that? Amazing.

By the way, you're not alone in being dissed by "Millionaire", as I got my rejection in the mail a couple of days ago. I'll be writing it up soon.

We're both too smart and too classy, it appears.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Sorry to hear you didn't make it either, Suldog. My friend Rob was also rejected after passing the test, and he has a theory about it. He says that if you score TOO high on the exam or interview, they will reject you. I guess that could be possible...

I look forward to reading your take on the "Millionaire" process.

Dave said...

My wife got chopped after the interview for "Millionaire" She had the same theory. Smart and classy doesn't sell, apparently.

I'll consider Drew having woken up when he gets a hit against a team that doesn't have his little brother on it. Sac fly was nice, but that DP in the sixth was brutal.

Matthews doesn't seem to understand that the knuckler can speed up games because it induces a lot of weak ground balls and pop-ups for easy outs. Plus, when it's working well you don't have to go to the bullpen and waste time there. That guy is a moron.

Suldog said...

My take on "Millionaire" is now up. I think you'll both enjoy it.