Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Proud New York Red Sox Fan?

I saw a blurb in the Page Six Section of the Sunday New York Post, and there's a picture of one-time supermodel Christie Brinkley wearing a Red Sox jersey at Fenway Park the other night doing the wave at the game. And the Post was offended by it:

"Wait a minute, doesn't Christie Brinkley live in New York? So why was she in a Red Sox jersey doing the wave at Fenway Park? Traitor!"

Earth to the New York Post: NOT EVERYONE WHO LIVES IN NEW YORK CITY ROOTS FOR THE NEW YORK YANKEES!! I don't know Ms. Brinkley's baseball rooting interest (or if she really is a baseball fan, or just donned the jersey because she was in Boston), but being from or living in the five boroughs doesn't mean you surrender your allegiance to any other team not called the Yankees. And yes, there is another, better baseball team here called the Mets.

This reminds me of stories my dad tells me about being in Florida for the winter. He'll meet people and tell them he's from New York City, and many just assume that he's a Yankees fan. My dad gets really indignant about it (and rightly so) and makes it very clear to the person that he's a Mets fan, and absolutely detests the Yankees.

I was offended by the Post's automatic assumption that living in New York means rooting for the Evil Empire. I'm a proud supporter of the Red Sox, as well as the Mets, and I live in New York City. Hey guys, you know what happens when you assume...

UPDATE: I now know the reason why Christie Brinkley was wearing the Red Sox jersey. According to Chad Finn at the "Touching All The Bases" web site, Ms. Brinkley is currently seeing Red Sox owner Tom Werner at the moment. So much for Page Six of the NY Post doing their homework. My thanks to Chad for that information I found at his site.


Michael Leggett said...

The NY Post, owned by the people who bring us "FOX Saturday Baseball", have a tremendous marketing agreement with The Evil Empire, heretoforth the "Yankthese":

Just wondering if the "Page Six" Editor, is dining on Steinbrenner's Bucks?

Olde Town Glory said...

I too am a proud Red Sox supporter in New York. And next to the Brewers, the Mets are my favorite NL team. Given the Yankees struggles this season, I wouldn't be surprised if even less people start rooting for them here. They've always had quite a few bandwagon fans.

The Lone Blogger

The Omnipotent Q said...

No question about that, Lone Blogger. I've lived in NYC my whole life, and I've seen it up close from too many of their fans...