Friday, June 08, 2007

Does His Middle Name Start With "F"?

The Red Sox drafted pitcher Nick Hagadone with their first selection in yesterday's draft, which was actually the 55th pick overall, as they had no first round selection. He's a 6'5" lefty from the University of Washington. Here's the lowdown on him, courtesy of

After spending last year starting behind Tim Lincecum, Hagadone became Washington's Friday night starter to begin the year. He was moved to the bullpen after two starts because of team need and has been oustanding for the Huskies, showing the ability to save games and pitch multiple innings. With a chance to have a good three-pitch mix, some teams may want to move him back into a rotation once drafted, but worst-case, they'd have a pretty good lefty setup man on their hands.

But more intriguing was the Sox' next pick, Ryan Dent, a shortstop from Woodrow Wilson HS in California, who has a scholarship to UCLA, but the Red Sox feel they will sign him.

And no, he's no relation to you know who, of the same last name and position. (I wonder if Ryan's middle name starts with an "F." Hopefully not.)

Here's his scouting report:
With a strong bat and even better speed, Dent will be a very intriguing prospect for many teams. Athletes like this don't grow on trees and Dent has shown the ability to hit to all fields and use his speed to wreak havoc on the basepaths. He may not be a middle infielder long-term, but many feel he's athletic enough to handle a move to the outfield if needed.

Here's the complete list of the Red Sox first-day picks:

55-Hagadone, Nicholas-U Washington-LHP
62-Dent, Ryan-Woodrow Wilson HS-SS
84-Morris, Jeffrey-Virgil I Grissom HS-3B
114-Huntzinger, Brock-Pendleton Heights HS-RHP
144-Province, Christopher-Southeastern Louisiana U-RHP
174-Middlebrooks, William-Liberty Eylau HS-RHP

It's impossible to gauge the results of the baseball draft now, as it's an incredible crapshoot as to who will make it or not, more than any other sport. Check back in a couple of years I guess and judge.


Kevin Smith said...

Mine often does. Hopefully he can avoid getting linked that way.

Funny coincidence - my parents moved in August of 1978 when I was still a kid from Massachusetts to Westchester County in New York. Got to watch that horrifying game on NY TV.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I saw it too...not a pleasant memory.

Suldog said...

Brock Huntzinger??? That is WAY too good a baseball name for him NOT to make it. I predict 20 wins in 2011.

Steel36 said...

No my favorite baseball name of all time-Rac Slider