Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trivia & Kayreoke On Monday

Professor Thom's will be hosting a rare "doubleheader" on Monday night, as we will be having both Kayreoke and Trivia back-to-back on Monday night. Kayeoke will get under way at 7 when the Red Sox play the Atlanta Braves, and there will be a camera crew at the bar filming for a documentary film as well. (I don't know exactly what the film is about, but we should find out soon. It is being made by the same people who made "Still We Believe" about the 2003 Red Sox season.)

Trivia Night will begin after Kayreoke and the Red Sox game is completed, which should be around 10 PM. There will be only four categories because of the late start, and they will be Current Events, General Knowledge, IQ Trivia, and World Capitals Trivia, which will also be multiple choice. It should be a busy as well as fun night at PT's on Monday.

Here's the Sneak Peek question for all of you to ponder:

In which decade were girls officially allowed to play Little League baseball in the US?

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