Monday, June 25, 2007

Trivia On Tuesday This Week

A quick reminder to all of you trivia players of Professor Thom's that Trivia Night will be held on Tuesday night this week, June 26, and at a special time, 8 PM. I won't be back from San Diego until very late Monday night, so the switch was made necessary. And there will be a special time of 8 PM due to the late Red Sox game in Seattle at 10.

Trivia will return to Monday night next week, July 2, and at the regular time, 9 PM (or right after the Red Sox game concludes that night).

I will have the Sneak Peek question up on Tuesday morning. See you Tuesday night.

1 comment:

Michael Leggett said...

I hate this West Coast Crap:

Someone yesterday, mistook my Sox Cap for a Brooklyn Cyclones Cap;

Go Figure!