Saturday, September 30, 2006

Surgery For Pedro

Bigtime bad news for the Mets today. It was bad enough that Pedro Martinez will miss the postseason due to the muscle tear in his calf, but now it has been revealed that he will also need surgery on his rotator cuff as there is a tear in it. He will have the surgery next week, and he will miss at least the first three months of the 2007 season.

Pedro recently had a second opinion on his shoulder, and it was the same diagnosis as the first. He opted not to rehab it and went for the surgery. Two Mets team doctors and the Red Sox former team physician, Dr. William Morgan, will perform it.

This was the fear the Red Sox had with Pedro late in his Sox career, that his right shoulder would end up like this. He has said he will not retire, and I'm sure he will do his best to get back to the Mets by next July. He certainly doesn't want to conclude his Hall of Fame career on such a sour note.

I wish Pedro all the best, and I pray all goes well with his surgery next week.

Good luck, Petey.

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Michael Leggett said...

The "Face Of The NY Mets" was on the DL 2x before, in this season:

It was at Fenway, where the 1st Manifestations of his problems, took place;

1st, it was the Cortisone Shots;

Then, torn tendons in the calves;

Then, he told Omar that he had pain in the shoulder;

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Quintuple Ouch;

He'll be in great hands with Dr Bill "Southie" Morgan & the Mets Physicians.