Thursday, September 28, 2006

"In-Between" Screening

I want to alert all of you in New York City that a special screening of a very good independent film called "In-Between" will be shown this coming Tuesday night, October 3rd, at Village East Cinemas, on 2nd Avenue and E. 12th Street, at 7:45 PM. It is a free showing of the film.

I saw the film back in November (on the night of the Josh Beckett trade as I recall) with a group of 9/11 victims family members and other special guests. It is a terrific low budget film about the lives of a group of New Yorkers and how they were changed forever by the World Trade Center disaster. It has a supernatural twist to it, and I was fascinated by the film, especially the ending. (I don't want to give too much away.)

I got to know the filmmaker and star of the film, Deborah Twiss. "In-Between" was made with a very small budget, and was shot in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. There is a web site for the film that will give you more information about it:

I will not be able to attend the screening this coming Tuesday night, as I will be doing my Trivia Night MC duties at Professor Thom's that night (ironically just one block away). But I encourage you to support this very worthy film that Deborah has made. It was done with a lot of sensitivity toward the WTC disaster, and I am proud to support Deborah's effort.

You can also RSVP for the free screening by calling: 718-875-1985 or by emailing:


Peter N said...

I hope this film makes it to Hartford. We are lucky enough to have two nice theaters in the greater Harford area that screen this exact type of film. Independent and unforgettable...I'll be looking, and thanks as always for the info.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Peter: the film will be coming out on DVD soon also. Deborah has brought it to a few film festivals where it has been warmly received. I'll let you know when it becomes available on DVD.