Thursday, September 28, 2006

Owens Attempts Suicide?

At first I was horrified to hear that Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens had made what was originally thought to be a suicide attempt yesterday. Anyone who is so down and depressed who would do that is never a good thing. Then I remembered something.

We're dealing with Terrell Owens here.

You have to remember something. Terrell Owens loves Terrell Owens. Someone with the monumental ego that he's got, who constantly refers to himself in the third person (that drives me nuts), would NOT attempt suicide. So when I heard that he said that he didn't try to kill himself, I actually believe him. Even Owens isn't crazy enough to try something like this just to gain publicity.

I've always said that Owens is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with professional sports these days. He only cares about himself, doesn't give a toss about his teammates, has an obnoxious agent who does his bidding (didn't he fire Rosenhaus?), and is only driven by ego and a bigger paycheck.

He's wearing out his welcome in yet another city (what a big surprise), and nothing but negative publicity follows this guy.

Owens gets about as much sympathy from me as he'll get from Donovan McNabb. Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys wanted this guy, and now they are stuck with him. I wonder if he'll still be in a Dallas uniform by New Year's Day. Somehow, I wouldn't bet on it.

And I'll bet that either Jones or Bill Parcells will REALLY have attempted suicide by then.

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Peter N said...

I don't have ANY feelings about TO and his story. Maybe he's cried wolf too often. But then again, ??