Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Man. The Myth. The MVP.

David Ortiz set the Red Sox record tonight for home runs in a season, breaking Jimmie Foxx' record of 50 home runs with a first inning blast off losing pitcher Johan Santana, pacing the Red Sox to a 6-0 victory at Fenway. It was a huge blast that landed in the right field bleachers. Papi added his 52nd homer later in the game for good measure, with yet another titanic blast, this time to center field.

The greatest clutch hitter in Red Sox history just adds to his legend.

But of course, those dimwits from RotoWire (or RotoWorld, I think they are one in the same) , said this tonight about it:

Ortiz no longer has any chance of winning MVP honors, but with the way he's swinging right now, a big finish seems likely.

No longer any chance of winning MVP honors? Are they kidding? It's a wide-open race for the honor, and a huge finish by Big Papi will give him a great chance of winning. Once again, these imbeciles have no idea what the hell they are talking about.

Whatever. It was a great night for Papi, the Sox and their fans. I absolutely loved the silent treatment the Sox players gave Papi after he hit his second homer. Then after a few seconds, they swarmed all over him and he had the biggest smile on his face you'll ever see.

Congratulations, Papi. You are the MVP, whether they give you the award or not.


WelshSoxFan said...

I hope you're right, but I don't think he's going to win it either. I also think that many writers are DESPERATE to give the award to Jeter. I heard one idiot say (on ESPN I think) -'I'm voting for Jeter but for me it's an award for his career. HEY MORON - it's not called the most valuable career award. I think some of these muppets need to have their votes confiscated. As I said the other night, if you put Pokey Reese at short for the Yanks, they'll still probably make the postseason. You replace Ortiz with someone of lesser offensive ability and the Sox would be under 500.

Michael Leggett said...

This has, unfortunately, become an Anointing of the Next Great Commercial Spokesman:

Unfortunately, it's for the sale of more "Drivel";

Not unlike the sale of more Pepsi.

Peter N said...

Or is it Papsi? Wow...a new Boston soda beverage! And David...he's my MVP, even though his odds of winning it are small. I hate to even type that....

Suldog said...

He won't win it, Q. I hate to say that with such finality, but it's true.

I think he IS the MVP, but I don't have a vote. And too many of those who do have a vote will not vote for...

1) A DH.

2) Someone from a team not in the playoffs.

... to make it possible for him to win it. Sad, but very true.

Michael Leggett said...


That didn't stop sportwriters from voting for a guy who wears a Suit & Tie @ 1:30AM for MVP;

& his Team was in LAST Place.

The Omnipotent Q said...

There are so many worthy candidates (Papi, Thome, Dye, Santana, Mauer, Morneau, and that guy from the MFY) that a split of the vote is definitely possible, so I wouldn't rule Papi out just yet.

We'll see if these dimwit voters get it right in November. (Thanks for the opinions from you guys...)