Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Attention Sox Fans of New York

This week there will be two special events happening for Red Sox fans in the New York area. First there will be a book signing at Professor Thom's on Thursday night by Seth Mnookin, who has written that fine book about the inner workings of the Red Sox called "Feeding the Monster." The signing will take place at the start of the Red Sox-Orioles game at 7. If you are a member of the BLOHARDS, you can pick up the book for just $18, but if you aren't, it will cost $21. And speaking of that fine organization...

The BLOHARDS, of which I am a proud card-carrying member, will be having a gathering of fans at the Yale Club in Manhattan, which is at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue, across from Grand Central Station. It will start at noon, and it will be on the 20th floor. I'll let my friends at the BLOHARDS explain the rest:

The September 15th luncheon will not only provide us with the comfort of friendly faces in enemy territory, it also promises to be programmed to within an inch of its life - the kind of luncheon attendees will be discussing for at least twenty minutes after the Yale Club throws us out.

Representing the Red Sox:
- WEEI's Jerry Trupiano;
- The legendary Dick Bresciani;
- A Sox PTBNL (player-to-be-named-later), and;
- Luncheon Closer, Dr. Charles Steinberg

But that's not all, you'll also see:
- WFAN's Ed Randall,
- Tim Shea, author of
The Fenway Pole Finder, and
The Omnipotent Quinn (match wits with the Trivia Maven from Professor Thom's!)

And finally:
- Josh Dixon and Brett Rapkin, producers of
Spaceman In Cuba, the documentary film about Bill Lee and his 2002 barnstorming trip. Josh and Brett will join us to promote the 9/25 release of the DVD of their film. They have also floated the possibility that their entourage at the luncheon will include the Spaceman himself.

It should be a good time for all. I will be doing a round of trivia, and there will be prizes given away. For more information about the festivities, please go to www.blohards.com, or call 914-967-2782 for tickets. Hope to see you there!


Peter N said...

Are you any relation of that omnipotant guy who will be there???

WelshSoxFan said...

If you make a significant monetary contriubtion, can you throw stuff at that A-Hole Steinberg?

The Omnipotent Q said...

Peter: I'm one and the same.....

WSF: If they allowed everyone to do that who ponied up the cash to get in, ol' Mr. Steinberg wouldn't last five minutes in the joint....

WelshSoxFan said...

They's make an absolute fortune though ...