Sunday, September 17, 2006

Taken Out To The Woodshed

Notre Dame's in big trouble now.

The Michigan Wolverines came into Notre Dame Stadium yesterday and put a big time hurt on the Fighting Irish with a resounding 47-21 victory. It got so bad at the end that chants of "overrated" were heard as Notre Dame crashed.

Michigan scored a TD in the opening minute on a 31-yard interception return by Prescott Burgess, and they never looked back. It was simply an awful day for Brady Quinn, who threw three interceptions and fumbled once. Michigan cashed in on all the turnovers, and led 34-14 at halftime.

The Wolverines were absolutely relentless on defense, and pressured Quinn all day. He did throw for 234 yards and three TDs, but the Irish were able to get only 17 rushing all day.

It was a near perfect performance by Michigan, and they will undoubtably rise from number 11 in the national rankings. ND will certainly drop out of number 2, and you have to begin to wonder if yesterday's absolutely sloppy performance completely killed any chance of Notre Dame winning a national championship this year.

And whether all the preseason hype was truly hype, and the Irish were truly overrated. We'll see how they bounce back at Michigan State next Saturday.


MattySox said...

As usual, Notre Dame proves to be paper tigers...definitely overrated, overhyped and underwelming. Did you see the stat comparing Chad Henne and Brady Quinn's first two seasons? Henne kills him statistically, but nobody's clamoring for Henne to win the Heisman. Notre Dame is the Yankees of the NCAA...meanwhile, my BC Eagles- two double overtime wins in a row...too bad BC doesn't play ND now they're in the ACC...take care, John...Go Pats!!!

WelshSoxFan said...

There is absolutely zero chance whatsoever of ND competing for a national championship. No voter is going to send them to that game after get completely humiliated at home. The very best they can hope for (and this is only if they are perfect the rest of the way) is a BCS bowl game. Quinn can probably forget about the Heisman too.