Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome To Google AdSense

Today I added Google AdSense to my site. On the left side of my main page, just below my blog icons, you will find "Ads By Google" there. I hope you will check them out. By putting Google Ads there you can make a little money (which we can all use), so I thought, why not?

I thought it might be time to put a little advertising here at The Mighty Quinn Media Machine. A few weeks ago, an online sports book offered me money to carry a banner for their site, but I turned it down. I won't promote online gambling on my web site.

So far, most of the ads there have been sports-oriented (as this is a sports-oriented blog mostly), so I hope you will all check them out.

1 comment:

Peter N said...

You know what? I also received an advertising request from a gambling site...most likely the same one. I did the same thing that you did.