Monday, September 04, 2006

Sox Go To The Playoffs

Well, not those Sox. Yesterday was the final day of the regular season in my fantasy baseball leagues, and two of my three teams made it to the playoffs in their respective leagues: the Castlebar Green Sox and the Embedded NY Red Sox. I am in ESPN FLB, which I generally enjoy being a part of. But running three teams at once can be a lot more work than you'd think. And trying to keep all three rosters straight in my head can be a nightmare!

I finished in fourth place in both leagues, and that means I face the team with the best overall record in both leagues. (I finished seventh in my other league, so I didn't qualify.) The Green Sox qualified easily yesterday, but for the Red Sox it was a tougher road to climb. Going into yesterday, I was two games down on the final day. But the team my rival was playing had a great day yesterday and beat him in two categories, and we ended up tied after play yesterday. I won the tie-breaker, hence I will be playing for real (and not for fun as all other teams who don't make the playoffs do).

The first round of the playoffs will be the next two weeks, and the two winners from that week will play for the title starting on September 18.

Go Green Sox!! Go Red Sox!!

We have to have some Sox to root for these days.


Michael Leggett said...

My essay on Fenway is up, now:

T'was a bit like the stories of Brooklyn, which came alive in Boston.

Michael Leggett said...
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Peter N said...

Nicely said Q. And we're coming up to the week, THIS week, that so much on the media will be dedicated to 9/11. Do not miss the CBS replaying of the French brother's movie on 9/11. And the FCC fielding complaints about some "maybe included" PG rated language???....they sould get their s**t together and realize how many Americans whose lives changed. In those few hours. Forever. Yours, to start with. And mine, just for knowing and reading you. For that, I thank you.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks for the kind words as always, Peter. I didn't know the "9/11" film made by the French brothers was being shown by CBS this week. Do you know when? I saw it on DVD earlier this year. Very well made and heartwrenching.