Friday, September 01, 2006

Loretta Was NOT DFA'd

I got an email earlier today from my friend Chris that a rumor was going around that Mark Loretta was designated for assignment last night after the Red Sox 6-4 win over Toronto. When I saw the rumor, it made absolutely no sense to me. You don't see players designated for assignment in September because the rosters are expanded to 40 players, and teams use DFA to open up a major league spot for someone else.

And besides, the Red Sox are so banged up at the moment that taking a productive hitter like Loretta out now is beyond stupid, and also, the rosters are now set for the postseason, so he wouldn't play in October with a contender. Loretta has handled himself with such class this season that treating that way would be wrong. He may not be in the Sox' plans next season, but he deserves to play out the season with them.

At the Royal Rooters fan forum, I discovered a thread about this Loretta rumor, and it was started by Rotoworld, a sports web site that gives their take on all the major sports. (I've seen them listed on a few other web sites, including But by the end of the thread, I discovered that Rotoworld took it off their web site, and that Royal Rooters had closed the thread down.

I couldn't find anything else about this rumor on any other web site, including both Boston papers, who would have been all over this.

So this rumor proved to be baseless. It also proved something else.

Rotoworld sucks.

I don't know who's behind that web site, but they consistantly get information wrong, and do it with a smugness and an arrogance that just turns me off. These wiseasses love to bash EVERY move that Terry Francona makes. They think they know everything, and are famous for their 20/20 hindsight and Monday morning quarterbacking.

I know the Internet can be a haven for rumormongering, but don't trust anything these guys say. You know what they say about opinions...


Peter N said...

Bad news for Jon...positive for a "treatable (?)" form of lymphoma cancer. Wow.

The Omnipotent Q said...

My prayers are with him and his family. Hopefully he'll be back better in 2007.