Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Paranoia Continues

I picked up the New York Post today and saw an interesting headline on their front page: "A-Holes: Yankees Never Fixed Curse."

It made me bust out laughing. The story basically is that the hole that was created when the Yankees dug up that David Ortiz jersey that a Red Sox fan working on the new ballpark buried their last year (and made the stupid mistake of wanting attention and told the world he buried it there) has not yet been filled and is just there in the new park unfilled.

I love the paranoia from these Yankee fans, and their obsession over "curses." The hole isn't filled so the curse lives!! Unbelievable. And I love the Yankees reaction last year when the news of the jersey burial leaked out. First it was no big deal and they were going to ignore it. Then it was a statement that there's no such thing as curses and who cares. And next thing you know, the Steinbrenners send in the jackhammers and dig it out.

Here is the Post's story. Please enjoy.

And I love the reactions from paranoid Yankee fans:

"I think maybe the curse is lingering," said Leigh Ann Johnson, 22, referring to injuries to stars Alex Rodriguez and Chien-Ming Wang, a record barely above .500, and the recent sweep at the hands of the rival Red Sox.

Simon Marques, 20, a student, said it's "sketchy" they haven't filled it -- "because now there's residue from the Ortiz jersey. There's lingering bad karma."

And this beauty made me really laugh:

"Boston got rid of their curse, which goes to show curses don't exist," said Mark Montaruli, 24. "It's a little silly [that it's still open], no doubt about it, but it adds character to the new place. A little reminder to Boston that you tried to get us, but we got you back."

I'm trying to figure out this guy's logic. The Red Sox got a rid of a curse, and it proves that curses don't exist. Huh? How could the Red Sox get rid of something that didn't exist in the first place? A hole adds character to the place? And you got us back by showing extreme paranoia, by spending thousands of dollars to dig up a silly jersey that at first no one supposedly cared about, but it had to be dug up because we don't want the new place cursed, but wait, curses don't exist...

Yankee fans. They make my head spin sometimes.

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